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Facility Rules/Code of Conduct

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VAC Rules/Code of Conduct

General facility rules and regulations:

  1. All Members, and authorized Guests or Visitors (“Patrons”) shall observe these rules designed for the mutual benefit of all members. In the event a Patron repeatedly disregards the rules and/or regulations, their membership can be terminated without refund.
  2. The Facility, equipment, and amenities are designed with members’ safety in mind, but are used entirely at Patrons’ own risk.
  3. Firearms and all weapons are strictly prohibited on N-K CSD grounds and within the Viking Activity Center.
  4. Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and any other substance which may impact or impair Patrons are strictly prohibited.
  5. The Facility and parking lot are smoke, tobacco, and vape free environments.
  6. Parking is provided for your convenience. The Viking Activity Center does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicle or any valuables left in vehicle while on the premises.
  7. Fighting will result in ejection from the facility.
  8. Proper language and behavior are required. Any Patron using language or behavior offensive to other members or staff could be asked to leave the facility and/or have their membership terminated.
  9. Members must swipe their key fob when accessing entrance to the facility.
  10. Youth younger than 9th grade must be accompanied by and directly supervised by an adult Member (age 19 older).
  11. Immediately report any injuries to the staff.
  12. Repair costs for any damage to spaces, equipment, flooring, or other amenities will be charged to those determined responsible.
  13. Be courteous to other Patrons using the facility. Do not remain on a piece of equipment after you have used it
  14. Lockers are provided for the protection of clothes and valuables. The facility is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items on the premises.
  15. To keep the facility clean, a second pair of shoes separate from street shoes must be worn in the facility.
  16. Appropriate clothing and clean shoes are required; shirts are required in all areas of the building except if changing in locker rooms.
  17. No glass containers allowed.
  18. No food is allowed in the fitness/athletic areas. Food for an event is allowed in the multi-purpose room and kitchenette.
  19. Cameras or video recording devices permitted in facility only with staff permission.
  20. Patrons are expected to abide by all applicable District Policies and Regulations while on school property.

Cardio/Weight Lifting Areas

  1. Must be 9th grade or older to use equipment
  2. Everyone must wear a shirt/top at all times
  3. Clean athletic shoes must be worn at all times. No street shoes allowed.
  4. Towel dry equipment after use
  5. Food and gum are not allowed. Water bottles are permitted.
  6. No loitering
  7. Keep hands, towels, and clothes away from cables and moving parts
  8. Store clothes or bags in the Lockers or Locker Room
  9. Notify staff if equipment is not functioning properly or becomes worn
  10. Ask staff for assistance if you are unsure how to operate the machines or equipment
  11. Report any injuries at once to staff

Running/Walking Track

  1. 11 laps = 1 mile
  2. Odd dates & Even dates alter direction
  3. Walkers stay to the inside lane. Runners stay to the outside lane.
  4. Must be at least 12 years old to use the track
  5. No young children or strollers allowed on the track walking with parents
  6. Clean athletic shoes must be worn at all times. No street shoes allowed.
  7. Food, drink and gum are not allowed. Water bottles are permitted.
  8. The track is not an area for horseplay or spectating
  9. The track area is only for running, jogging and walking
  10. Stretch BEFORE entering the track
  11. No items may be thrown from the track


  1. Do not hang from nets or rims
  2. Dunking or stuffing the basketball is not permitted
  3. Anyone causing damage to the rim, backboard or windows will be responsible for repair and any costs
  4. No strollers allowed in the Gym
  5. Clean athletic shoes must be worn at all times. No street shoes allowed.
  6. Avoid using any shoes that will leave marks on the gym floor
  7. No coats or bags allowed. Store gym bags in the locker room or a locker.
  8. Open gym schedule is available at the front desk, on Facebook, or Facility web site
  9. During adult open gym time, the gyms may be used for full court games
  10. Abusive, inappropriate, and offensive language of any kind is prohibited

Locker Rooms

  1. Each locker has a combination lock
  2. Food, drink and gum are not allowed
  3. Horseplay and loitering is not allowed
  4. Items left overnight will be removed. No overnight storage.
  5. N-K and the Viking Activity Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  6. It is the patron’s responsibility to clear out a locker after each visit. If contents are not removed, consent is given to facility staff to remove and dispose of the locker contents. A $5 storage and retrieval fee will be charged to reclaim cleared locker contents.
  7. Phone or recording device use is prohibited while in the Locker Room areas

Wrestling Room

  1. No street shoes while on the wrestling mats
  2. No food or drink allowed
  3. Available for community use through the Facilities Request System. Additional rental fee applies.


Code of Conduct

Northwood-Kensett Community School District and the Viking Activity Center prides itself on inclusive, supportive, and positive environments. Students and all community patrons are expected to respect the rights of others and follow all Northwood-Kensett CSD policies, procedures, and codes, as well as the Viking Activity Center rules and regulations. Disruptive or offensive behavior, as determined by staff, operations manager, or school administration officials will not be tolerated. Appropriate attire should be worn at all times according to specific activity areas. Failure to adhere to this code or other policies may result in a student or patron being removed from a facility/program, termination of their membership, and/or expulsion from the Viking Activity Center facility.

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